From Bob Eckstein, New Yorker cartoonist:

“I really enjoyed reading this blog. This has been long overdue–keep up the good entertaining critiquing.”

From Michael Maslin, New Yorker cartoonist and editor of the Ink Spill blog about New Yorker cartoonists:

“I’m all for online  discussion about New Yorker cartoons — there simply hasn’t been enough. Cartoon Companion hasn’t been around very long (just since last December if I’m understanding their archive correctly), but that matters less than the good energy these two fellas are putting into each issue’s drawings (they describe and rate each cartoon). I’m often at odds with their evaluations but what fun would it be if I wasn’t.”

 From Peter Kuper, New Yorker cartoonist

“Max and Simon’s Cartoon Companion is the first place I go after getting a cartoon published to experience spot-on dissection and witheringly accurate ratings. I give them both a 4.”