The Cartoon Companion is a website devoted to the latest cartoons in The New Yorker magazine. With each new issue, your genial hosts, Max and Simon, offer their highly subjective insights and rate the cartoons on a scale of 1 (not worthy) to 6 (genius!). Future posts will include interviews with New Yorker cartoonists and guest commentary by some of the best in the business, plus cartoons by New Yorker cartoonists that the magazine inexplicably rejected.

max-pie-in-the-face Max Amillion: Exposed to The New Yorker cartoons from the age of 5, Max commenced an unplanned detour into the Arts after a brief college stint. This detour lasted two decades before reason and hunger disabused him of any further explorations. Max is now a lower mid-level IT person for a ridiculous cartoon blog.

simon-wreathed-in-smokeSimon Seznick: After attending art school for several weeks, Simon pursued a career in art-related and art-unrelated fields, and dreamed of becoming a cartoonist. Unfortunately, his artistic license was revoked, and now he spends his days criticizing successful artists.