Feb. 27, 2017 Issue

Feb. 27, 2017 Issue

Max:  The upcoming Academy Awards ceremony is clearly rife with sociopolitical controversies.

Simon:  Fortunately, there’s no controversy here at Cartoon Companion.

Max:  Other than our generous scoring…

Simon:  Well, all that’s changed with our new, tougher criteria…take a look.


Feb. 13 & 20, 2017 Issue

Feb. 13 & 20, 2017 Issue

Simon:  This is the most somber cover I’ve seen in years.

Max:  It clearly represents an extinguishment of spirit; however, Simon, we shall carry on!

Simon:  I’m prepared to lighten up, even if it means that Eustace Tilley has to remain in the closet until next year.


Feb. 6, 2017 Issue

Feb. 6, 2017 Issue

Max:  Just when I thought the state of the world could not be more dismal, I discover that the current issue includes only nine cartoons.

Simon:  I’m writing a letter to the Editor and to my Congresswoman.

Max:  To the ramparts, Simon!

Simon:  Shoulder to shoulder! But first, let’s look at these cartoons.